to improve fuel efficiency


Take it easy with that right foot. Accelerating quickly burns through both your fuel and your wallet!


If your tyre pressure is low, you will be increasing the rolling resistance of the tyre on the road and that will be draining your fuel. Check them every week or two and your wallet will thank you. You can buy a machine HERE from only £40 that means you can refill your tyre pressure from home.

WHEEL ALIGNMENTSliding mechanic image for Drayton MOT Centre

If you notice your car veering in certain direction when you’re on a flat it’s time to get your wheels aligned. Misalignment of the wheels is not only unsafe but it will drain your fuel from your car too.


Once it clogs up, your engine has a harder time sucking air through it therefore using more petrol to keep the engine running smoothly. Replace your air filter once a year and you’ll guarantee better gas mileage.


Over time, carbon deposits collect in your engine affecting your car’s efficiency. Getting a Terraclean for your car removes carbon deposits and significantly improves the mpg. Quentin Willson who writes for the Mirror tested it out and reported a 14% improvement in mpg. Read the article HERE.

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